Hanna on a cliffside with mountains in the backdrop in the Black Hills South Dakota.


I’m a nature-nerd currently working for my family’s business- Geoscape Rock Shop. I manage our Ann Arbor store, Four Directions.

Four Directions by Geoscape Rock Shop

Ann Arbor MI

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Front window of Four Directions storefront in Ann Arbor Michigan.
Exterior of Geoscape Rock Shop with dozens of pallets of rock.

Geoscape Rock Shop

Our flagship store in Paw Paw, MI

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After college I worked as an independent contractor before working full-time for my family business. I made websites for small businesses and non-profits in my community, a skill I now use at the Rock Shop. 

I also sold goods on Etsy and at local Summer festivals and fairs.

Since ~2020 I’ve shifted my attention to my family’s business. 

My Etsy shop is in vacation mode as I focus on managing the Geoscape Rock Shop online store.


I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology & Evolutionary Anthropology from the University of Michigan in May 2015.

I worked as a research assistant in the Akil Lab at the Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute all 4 years of undergrad. I assisted (then) graduate student Katherine Prater with dissertation research on PTSD and learned anxiety.

Our work was published in Neuropsychopharmachology in 2017.

I presented research at 2 poster presentations and was awarded the UROP Biomedical Fellowship in 2013.

In 2014 I attended an archaeology field school in South Africa.

Pictured is my very first course at Michigan: History and Literature of the Rocky Mountains at Camp Davis in Wyoming (2011).

Hanna in a Michigan sweatshirt on top of a mountain in the Tetons in 2011.

Rockhounding since 1993

My childhood is filled with memories of rockhounding all over the country. My dad is a geologist so every family vacation included hunting for rocks, minerals, and fossils.

Pictured here is young Hanna holding up a fossiliferous limestone (likely in Indiana or Ohio, circa 1997). Splitting sandstone, on the hunt for Green River Formation fish in Kemmerer, Wyoming (2014). Sitting on a vein of Amethyst at a mine in Thunder Bay, Canada (2012).

Hanna splitting a slab of sandstone in a quarry in Wyoming
Hanna as a young child, holding a red solo cup in one hand and a gray fossil rock in the other
Hanna with a hardhat, sitting on a vein of Amethyst at a mine in Thunder Bay Canada

Science and nature has been a lifelong passion of mine. I’ve pursued knowledge of a wide variety of natural sciences throughout my schooling. My goal is to inspire the same sense of wonder for nature through my work.